The Association of Australian Begonia Societies (AABS) has two different types of subscription available.

The type of subscription offered to you is entirely dependant on where you live.

Australian Residents

• We do not offer direct subscription to residents of Australia. If you live in Australia, you are only able to gain access to our facilities through an affiliated state society.

• If you join an affiliated Begonia Society in your state, you will automatically receive all benefits.

• If there is no affiliated society in your state, you will need to join an affiliated society in another state to receive benefits.

• If you live in Australia and wish to join an affiliated society please contact the Treasurer of the society as listed on the Member Societies page.

Non Australian Residents

• If you live in a country other than Australia, then you are able to join the AABS as a direct subscriber.

• If you live overseas and would like to subscribe to the AABS please email our Treasurer, who will invoice you via PayPal for payment.

Additional Options

• Alternatively, you may pay by sending a bank cheque (drawn in Australian Dollars).

• Current fees for overseas subscriptions are :

New Zealand – $AUD 25.00

Elsewhere $AUD 35.00.

*** Please do not send cash in the mail. ***

*** We are unable to accept responsibility for safe delivery of cash sent in the mail. ***

You can also download an International Subscription Application Form or amend your International Subscription details using the form below.

International Subscription Form (Word Format)

International Subscription Form (PDF Format)