Seed Fund

Monique Zinant is in charge of the AABS seed fund, together with help from other people in the Western Australian Begonia Society.

Anyone with seed to offer for use in the seed bank please contact Monique at
65 Station Street, Martin,  WA  6110

Please contact Monique before sending off your donations.

This list is updated every three months when the new copy of

Begonia Australis is issued.

Seed available as of 29 December, 2017:


Plant Name Description Price
B. African sp. – white flowered like B. scharffiana and B. scharffii Shrub like $1.50
B. angularis Cane like $1.50
B. barkeri  Rhizomatous $1.50
B. BC No 10 (Formerly Bob Cherry Chinese sp #A – see front cover of the June 2013 Journal) Rhizomatous $1.50
B. cathayana Rhizomatous $1.50
B. chitoensis Rhizomatous $1.50
B. cinnabarina Tuberous $1.50
B. coccinea Cane like $1.50
B. convolvulacea Trailing Scandent $1.50
B. coriacea  – see page 40 of the December 2015 journal Rhizomatous – small leafed $1.50
B. dregei Semi tuberous $1.50
B. foliosa Shrub like $1.50
B. goegoensis Rhizomatous $1.50
B. heracleifolia Rhizomatous $1.50
B. holtonis Rhizomatous $1.50
B. koksunii Rhizomatous $1.50
B. luzonensis Rhizomatous $1.50
B. luxurians Shrub like $1.50
B. moysesii Rhizomatous $1.50
B. pavonina Rhizomatous $1.50
B. pearcei Tuberous $1.50
B. radicans (B. procumbens) Trailing Scandent $1.50
B. rajah Rhizomatous $1.50
B. Rex cultorum Rhizomatous $1.50
B. sizemoreae Rhizomatous $1.50
B. soli-mutata Rhizomatous $1.50
B. tagbanua Rhizomatous $1.50
B. U. 400 Rhizomatous $1.50
B. venosa Shrub like $1.50
B. wollnyi Thick Stemmed $1.50
B. xanthina var pictafolia Rhizomatous $1.50

Thank you to those who have supplied seed.

The seed is priced in Australian dollars.

Postage within Australia is $1.50 per order. International Orders pay postage at cost.

(AUD stamps are acceptable)

The seeds distributed by the Seed Fund are identified as received from the donors.

We reserve the right to refuse sales – especially if we suspect the seeds are being sold on at a profit.

Please note: It would be appreciated if orders of AUD $10.00 or less could be paid in stamps.

When ordering seed would you please block-print your name and address to ensure correct delivery details as returned mail delays delivery and incurs extra costs for the seed fund.

Please make your cheque or Money Order out to A.A.B.S. Seed Fund, and send to :

Monique Zinant, 65 Station Street, Martin  WA  6110

Seed is only available to:

members of societies that belong to the Association of Australian Begonia Societies Inc.


direct AABS subscribers who live overseas.

Overseas subscribers of the AABS who are wishing to purchase seed can arrange for payment via PayPal.

If you would like to pay via PayPal, please contact the Treasurer to arrange payment:


If you live in Australia and wish to join any of these societies please contact the Treasurer of the society as listed on the Member Societies page.

If you live overseas and would like to join the AABS please see our Subscription page.